Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Views on the London Murder of a British Soldier

Muslims are not to blame for the murder of that Soldier, Religion is to blame, Islam.
And however horrific the crime was, remember that every day innocent civilians are blown up by drone planes, by missiles and by bullets fired by Allied forces, and for what? For Blair & Bush's war.

What happened in London happens every day in the Middle East, every single day, and what for? All in the name of religion, oil and money.

I have great sympathy for the families of those affected by the attack in London, but I also have sympathy for the murdered children of Iraq, the murdered families of Afghanistan. All killing is bad. And when it is done in the name of Religion, or in the name of war you must educate yourself to understand why, and who is truly behind what is going on.

In Muslim schools children are taught that the Profit Mohammed road to heaven on a winged horse! They are taught this as historical fact! We have a generation of Muslims taught fairy tales as fact, much like in Catholic Schools kids are taught of a magical Zombie who was his own Dad who raped his own mom to give birth to himself!

What hope do we have as a nation when our children are being taught such utter bullshit in school.

If we do no educate people, if we do not educate our children to think critically and logically, then of course those with lower IQs will be taken in by religious fundamentalists, they will be brainwashed into doing horrific things in the name of some made up God!

So as you sit that feeling all angry against Muslims, ask yourself, are you doing everything you can to educate yourself, to educate your own children? Remember it is easy to breed hate, but in the long run we all suffer because of it!

By Jon Donnis

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